Customer review on the Back Smoothing Bra

I told you I wanted it and I went out and bought it. $40 for the new science in support. When I heard the words “make you look thinner” I jumped at the thought that $40 would make me look skinny. (SUCKER) So I wore it Sunday to church and as I was getting out of the car to go inside, I asked my husband if I looked like I had $40 boobs. That was totally inappropriate to ask before church but it slipped. And I won’t share his response. As for the product results, I felt great in my new bra, but unfortunatly I didn’t look 20lbs lighter. It did smooth out my back but I have the creeping bra syndrome. It might be because of my G’s but my bra keeps sneaking north. The cup area was great and didn’t give me the granny boob. And no Sara, it didn’t have 8 clasps in the back. I really like the bra but it wasn’t the cure all for back fat. Just have to keep up with the weights and diet. I give the Bra a B+. (if you know what I mean)

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2 Responses to Customer review on the Back Smoothing Bra

  1. sara says:

    I’m past due to invest in some $40 boobs. I need to hit up vics. but I am starting to wonder if there is a better quality bra out there for me to explore. I did find a good padded boob-shaping sports bra that comes in size “barely there”. I’m saving my pennies.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hey, you know we gotta do whatever it takes to take care of “the girls.” And I’m not talking about my chickens. =) I’m sorry the bra wasn’t an A+ for you. As for the bra riding up, I have that problem. When I first tried the DriSilque garment tops, my bra was riding up all the time. So I only wear the cotton/poly on top now. How’s that for some info.

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