sugar and chicken soup

**long post**

Hi. My name is Rachel and I’m a sugar addict. Yeah, I know by looking at me it doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out, but I’ve finally decided to just own up to it. After really taking a look at my eating habits, I realize that I have used sweet treats/carbs to cope with fatigue for many years. I’ve tried eating those things in moderation, counting the points, etc… but seriously, that’s a joke. Especially when you’re an addict and a narcoleptic. So I’m on my fourth day of no sweets and on the first phase of a serious detox. Now I’m not excluding all sugar – like the small amounts in my cereal, yogurt and other foods, I’m just talking about treats: ice cream, cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate. It’s really pathetic how difficult it is and how strong the cravings are at different times of the day. So I’m just trying to pay attention to my body and figure out what I really need. Eventually, some day, when I feel more in control I’ll add those things back and see how it goes. And I really want carrot cake for my birthday.

Now on to the chicken soup. As most of you know, I’ve been going to a naturopathic doctor for helping me with all my stupid health problems. I truly feel like this is the direction I need to take and my naturopathic doc is fabulous. I love her approach. She has had me get lots of blood tests done and other tests to figure out what is going on and get my body balanced and of course, to lose weight. After talking about the idea of a cleanse to begin eating differently, I asked her for two weeks to just get myself mentally and emotionally prepared. So today my doc gave me a plan for a chicken soup cleanse. I know, that can sound wacky. But seriously, for a cleanse, it’s a good plan. Then after 5 days of that I will slowly add back in foods, paying particular attention to those I may have allergies to – milk, gluten (wheat and such) and eggs. Yeah, just when we start eating our delicious home grown eggs, my blood tests show a significant allergy to them. Oh well.

I think I’ll be starting the cleanse on Monday, so I’ll keep you all updated on how things are going. Yeah, this is going to be hard, but I’m actually at a good place emotionally and spiritually to really relearn how to take care of myself. And I may be calling you sisters for some support! I’m going to need it.

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  1. Sara Becraft says:

    I support you 100% sister. I am glad you are seeing the doc. As long as she wears a bra and shoes I think you are in good hands. Food sucks. You have motivated me to get better control of my sugar/snack intake. It can only make me feel better and in more control. Thanks.
    Good Luck! …and screw the cake. It’s not worth it.

  2. reb says:

    DO IT! I am so proud of you! Sounds like the doctor is on the same wave as you and you trust her. Now trust yourself and do it! Call me when you need the support or I’ll call you! Tell the Chicks Hi!

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