Welcome Back, Once Again!

I went to the YMCA today and was welcomed by the scents, machines, and regular attendees. I haven’t been to the Y since I started running in January. I love the gym more that running. It makes me happy and I don’t leave crying. (Although I have done that before) I am happy to be back and I hope I can tone up the muscle I neglected in the last 9 months. Wish me luck and I’m sure I’ll have some funnies to write about!

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One Response to Welcome Back, Once Again!

  1. sara says:

    back to the smelly gym huh? Gee, I wish I had as nice of a gym as you do. Isn’t it funny how the same ol’ people are still there. That’s one reason I like going in the early a.m. It’s just people that want to get thier workouts over with and aren’t there for the hook-up or social part. Welcome back.

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