Hood to Coast

I already posted on the Sullivan site, but there are a few things I saved for the girls. That was the hardest thing I ever physically did besides natural childbirth. And I saw some serious female hard bodies. I was impressed with the super skinny, lean athletes out there. I was also impressed with the average women that pushed through the pain and ran like champs. There are some wonderful women out there. Not to mention Ann who AMAZED me! I was floored when she ran the most difficult hill run on gravel that I have ever seen. I was worried about her, but she showed her intense toughness and did it. She rocked! She was a great motivator too. To all my non-running sisters, this is hard crap! Don’t feel left out! I’m going back to the gym where I am happier. I’ll work my but off losing weight then maybe, yes maybe, go back to running when I’m lighter. Thanks for cheering me on! And by the way, I hate community showers. I WILL NOT shower in front of others!

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Shout out to the Hood to Coasters!

Ann and Rebecca:

Good luck this weekend at H2C! We’ll be cheering you on! Give those brothers a hard time and take some embarrassing photos. Love you!

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I love swimming…

…but I hate swimsuits.

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Butte to Butte

That was fun! Butte to Butte goes down as a great experience and stinking hard. Waiting around for the race to start was so fun. We laughed hard and admired some great bodies. I felt great when the race started, but like many, had to walk up the last bit of the killer hill. Then it was down hill from there. Sara kept me encouraged and that was great help. I usually get a burst of energy at mile 4, but at mile 4 I got a burst to go to the bathroom! CRAP! So I struggled the rest of the race and was just flat out pissed that I had to walk about 4 times. Thank you Sara for staying beside me and dragging me over the finish line. I had some other negative feelings about the race but sharing negative comments is nonsense. I checked the web site and this was our race results:
2343rd place Rebecca Cuthbertson
Sherwood OR 1:17:56 average mile 12:33
2342rd place Sara Becraft
Eugene OR 1:17:55 average mile 12:33

Sara’s real mile is much faster. Thanks for sacraficing for me! I looked hard for Ann’s results but couldn’t find them. Please share when you find them! And the picture info too!
Thanks for cheering me on!

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Shout out to the Butt to Butt sisters!

Oh! I mean Butte to Butte! hee hee
I hope you all have a great run this weekend! Are you going to wear matching tanks and running shorts? How about tees that say, “I’m a Sullivan. Don’t mess with me.” I’ll be cheering for you all!

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This is so embarrassing for me and I hope only my sisters see this. 

I have the ongoing nip-out problem. Regular padded bras have helped hide the “hello”, except when I wear sports bras to workout.  And working out makes the problem worse/bigger.  I don’t even have boobs to begin with.  It’s just flat and then there are these big ol nips letting eveyone know they are there. 

I know you think I should graduate to padded sports bras but I have yet to see any in a small tittie size.  I guess I will have to stick to dark shirts.

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Gym wear

Ok, seriously. Even if you DO have a hot little body, do you really need to wear the skimpiest sports bra possible and sweat pants rolled down so far they are barely covering your butt cheeks?!! Rant done. Thank you.

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I’m just ticked

…at myself. I fell off the wagon for 2 weeks, just when I was a pound away from my 10% goal. What a complete dork I am! I forced myself to go my WW meeting yesterday despite my downfall and eating way too many of mom’s cookies =) and I’m back on the wagon.

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conversation with a calf

So I have a bum calf and this is the conversation I have with it while I run:
me: Let’s go
calf: seriously? this early in the morning?
me: suck it up
calf: yeah I’m cold
me: tough crap-I already stretched you
calf: yeah but you really think I’m strong enought to carry all that weight?
me: shut up and run
calf: still cold and now I hurt
me: dude you really do hurt
calf: told you so
me: I don’t care, I’m not stoping. Hood to Coast right?
calf: I guess I’ll hang in there

This calf has been bothering me since I started but I ignore it. I got some athletic advice from a friend and I think I need to stretch my calf once I’m warmed up, not cold at 5 a.m.. Advice welcomed!

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Walk-it challenge

I think getting chickens has made me more crazy than usual, because now I’m doing another crazy thing – signing up for a 5k walk. Weight Watchers is having a Walk-It Challenge that encourages all Weight Watchers members to get active this spring by registering for a 5k walk/run in the summer. Join or create a walking team, or sign up for a walk/run event and you get a free 8-week online training program to help reach your goal. So, I’m doing it. I’m looking at two local events: Oregon Road Runners Club Garlic Festival 10k Run and 2 mile walk on Saturday, August 8, 2009 in North Plains, or the Crawfish Crawl 5k run/walk in Tualatin on that same date. I’m not doing both, silly, I just need to choose one. Anyone want to join me? I’ll be walking, but meet up with me and do the run if you’d like!

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